Thursday, 5 July 2018


Fun times at Arataki

I can't believe this place is so boring as I walked around the native bush at Arataki Nature Reserve. On the 27th June Rooms 6,7 and 8 went to Arataki nature reserve. We went here to learn about  nature.

The first thing we did was go on a bug hunt and then some people were given things could pooters that suck up the bugs.  There is two tubes one to put in your mouth that's the one to you have to suck. in The second tube is for the bugs to go through. We were here to learn about how the invertebrates  chew chew and poo poo to recycle leaves.

We went on  a loop track and almost got lost then we found  the way back. We went to a workshop and they told us about how the insects recycle the leaves. When the leaves  fall of the trees they rot and the insects come and
eat them and then they poop them out.  The poop goes back in the soil.

Most kids found it enjoyable but I found it boring the good

Image result for aratakithing was I learnt something about nature.Image result for arataki

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